contacting me

You can email me at: USER@DOMAIN, where
the DOMAIN is and
the USER is nbarth.webpage2010

Sorry for obfuscating (munging!) my email address like this, but if I didn’t, spiders (programs that automatically travel the web) would find my email address and send me spam.

You can also find me and message me at:

references: finding me

As of this writing, I am the top “Nils Barth” and the only “Nils R. Barth” or “Nils von Barth” on Google (at least as far as I’ve looked), but certainly not the top Nils (that would be Lofgren), Barth (that would be Karl (and John, Susan, Thomas, etc. – it’s a rather common name)), or von Barth (that would be Hermann, und Kaspar).

There are a number of other people named “Nils Barth” (findable on Google and Facebook), almost entirely in Germany, as both are common German names. (My “Nils” is Norwegian though, so it is pronounced /nils/ instead of /niels/.)

In an attempt to make searching easier, I use “Nils R. Barth” for all official use (e.g., on scholarly papers), and “Nils von Barth” for more casual use (signing on web, artistic/philosophical work). In conversation, everyone calls me simply “Nils”.